2016 In Review

01 Feb 2017 Admin Manager By Admin Manager

2016 In Review

JCI Ireland got off to a roaring start for 2017 under the new leadership of Adrian Corcoran from JCI Mayo. A successful entrepreneur, a world champion debater, a senator, a Doctor, a five year JCI member and a husband; Adrian is most definitely qualified for the job!

The 20th-22nd of January, saw Adrian receive the chains of office from Brian Smyth. Speaking about Adrian; Brian was ‘confident that he will do a stellar job given his professionalism and work ethic'.

Before handing over Brian spoke about the successful year JCI Ireland had under his leadership.Take a look at Brian’s video it has already brought a few JCI Ireland members to tears.

2016 in review!

2016  saw JCI Ireland's Debate Team win the JCI Tripartite Cup, the European Debating Championship and go on to win the World Championship. The team, composed of Adrian Corcoran, Keira Keogh & Sarah Gilligan, were invited to deliver training in Norway and are now preparing to deliver a Debating Academy to JCI Ireland in 2017.

The Ten Outstanding Young Person Awards continued to grow in 2016 under the direction of Keira Keogh with impressive local & national awards, celebrating local heroes such as Seamus McGrory and national role models such as Maria Walsh and Darren Ryan. There was huge coverage on print, radio, TV and social media. The TOYP was topped off with Adam Harris & Bressie (Niall Breslin) finishing in the World top twenty, and the ever amazing Ciara Judge getting listed as one of the Ten Outstanding Young People of the World. JCI Ireland's TOYP Project model has gained recognition with organisations across Europe and JCI Ireland is now mentoring the UK, Scotland & Finland in TOYP Best Practices which will lead to even more youth leaders being recognised and highlighted for the inspiring work they do.

The Friendly Business Awards grew in strength in 2016, spearheaded by Ivan Farmer and supported by an exciting partnership with Bank of Ireland. Record numbers of nominations saw hundreds of business getting recognised for their achievements across ten categories. The overall winners, Saol Café in Galway, were honoured along with category winners across the country at an exciting awards Ceremony in Galway City.

An exciting momentum has been building in JCI Ireland over the past number of years and this fire became very evident in 2016. JCI leaders in Europe and across the globe highlighted JCI Ireland as an example of best practices, with examples like JCI Cork leading the way in developing key partnerships within the community and business world. Membership grew this year by 14% and two new branches were successfully launched in Co. Monaghan and the south east of the country.

JCI Ireland were massively excited to win the bid to host European Presidents Meeting in February 2017. Laura Enache and her team put in amazing work and it was a great success. This was JCI Ireland's first international JCI event in 30 years and the team put on a mind-blowing conference for the European and World Leaders.

The 2016 JCI Ireland National Convention was held in Galway led by the 'King of Branding' Ronan Walsh. It can be described as a conference that raised the bar and has put JCI Ireland on the map. Check out the promotional video made during the conference!