Comms Academy 2017

01 Jul 2018 Admin Manager By Admin Manager

Empowering energy and knowledge

It all started with the organisers,  JCI Fingal under the leadership of local president Conor Daly , who hosted the JCI Communication Academy. This was the inaugural ‘Comms Academy’ for JCI Ireland and  was mainly aimed at the Local Comms Officers,  although it was not exclusive and other members were invited to participate. I am not an Officer (yet!), but I am part of the JCI Dublin Communication team . I took this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone,  learn more about communication, as is not one of my strong points. This will better help me  within  my JCI role for the rest of the year and the years to come .

What do you see when you look at this picture ?

While you get your answers ready , I can tell you what I see. I see energy, creativity and teamwork .

Firstly, we were treated to lovely breakfast and hydrated with water, tea and coffee, so no excuse to not pay attention. Later in the day,  we had  light picnic style lunch and more snacks.

Keira Keogh, JCI Ireland Communications Director was the head trainer. She kept us well involved and active from the moment we came into the room . Truly, Keira did a fantastic job, with a well prepared presentation  and her beautiful gift of speaking. She would have been  enough  to keep us going even without caffeine. (No wonder she was part of team that won the World JCI  Debating competition at the 2016 JCI World Congress in Canada) .I am glad this talent is thoroughly valued!

To get us started, we had to  introduce ourselves, mention what got us into the event, what we see as our strength and expertise to bring to the table . I  was amazed at how much knowledge a small handful of people can have together  and  how easy is to learn when information is easily shared.  Brainstorming  brought out great ideas of how JCI can be present , active and promote itself within local branches and to new members.

Members, you will see the fruitful results this year!!! Be ready and please give feedback!

Expertise was at its best, when JCI branding was reaffirmed by Ronan Walsh. Who we are as an organisation and how we follow the same guidelines all over the world taking in consideration history,  innovation and evolution. This was well reinforced by the short presence of the JCI President Dawn Hetzel & Secretary General Arrey Obenson , recognising the power of teamwork & active citizenship, through the effort of the local officers, making a rippling final impact on JCI organisation as a whole.

The room was filled with energy when Rob Munelly took over. When he is on , it always feels that you are swept in by a big wave from the safe edge and thrown in at the deep end when knowledge engulfs you by his vibrant personality. Touching  base with your prospective customer by email  and how to engage for a better sale rate is good communication practice.  Security was the key word and we are all now a bit wiser of what is out there to look out for .

Now to mention the practical stuff we got up to. Talk about getting out of the comfort zone;  pretend to phone a grumpy newspaper editor that does not have time to even skim your email with your request for a press release, least to pay attention to you over the phone and convince  him to give you  chance.  Even better, a radio interview, where you only have 5 minutes to present your points and answer the interviewer’s questions fired at you.  What about finding the best photo to get you on the front page of a newspaper? Time to think about this :2 minutes. Here is the creativity being unlocked. Enjoy the photos ! We did ☺

rush to communicate .jpgfeed your man .jpg


As it is time to reciprocate, this is my first blog (hopefully with  many more  to come!! ) and I would love to hear your feedback on it. For this, please join us all at the next JCI events and meet me in person.  JCI is a global leadership and personal development  organisation for people in20’s and 30’sn and we’d love to have you come along and grow along with us.