First National and Local Officer Training

06 Jan 2019 Admin Manager By Admin Manager

JCI Mayo are excited to host the 2018 AGM, 2019 First national council meeting and local officer training on Saturday January 19th and Sunday January 20th in Westport, Co.Mayo

What to Expect:

This is the inaugural JCI Ireland event to bring an end to 2018 and kick-off 2019 with style.


We are super excited for the Presidential inauguration ceremonies. This year we are carrying out the JCI Mayo & JCI Ireland ceremonies simultaneously in the beautiful customs house gallery. This is open to the public. Charlotte & Keira are looking forward to be surrounded by JCI members, friends & family. Even more exciting news; the event will be broadcast by iMayo TV, so get your TV faces ready.

Please see images in the discussion for agenda, ticket options, trainer info & training info!

We cannot wait to welcome you to JCI Mayo