First Timer Blog A beautiful full stop.

29 Dec 2022 President Ireland By President Ireland

First Timer Blog- A beautiful full stop.

Drinking happiness at Day 1 night but talking about drink is a curse during debate competition at Day 2; the bipolar life of visiting museums in the morning but having dinner parties in the most modern hotels in the evening. These were memories that can only be experienced by participating in the JCI Ireland National Convention this year.


The organisers - JCI Dublin gave us a great experience, the event contained a wealth of culture, meetings, courses, competitions, dinners, games, and more in just two days!

At the same time, I was also privileged to represent my chapter - JCI Galway to receive The 2022 Most Outstanding Local Organization Award.

As an active member, I have gained so much in this year. This event has given me a great opportunity to say thank you to the people who have supported and accompanied me.

I also witnessed the friendship of JCI Ireland, JCI UK and JCI Scotland.

JCI Ireland is a place that has seen us grow!