JCI Growth and Development Academy 2022

31 Dec 2022 President Ireland By President Ireland

Being set up and still having fun is what I have learned from attending this course.

Anyone who is good at planning events knows that icebreaker mini-games are the most common way to pull in relationships, but the mini-games all kept prompting us to take the initiative Have you ever met one?

By the time I realised this, it was the day after I had unknowingly volunteered to be leader. But that's what makes the course so appealing, he will submerge good values into your thoughts.

Why do people eat? Have you ever wondered about this simple but complex question? When we are alone it is usually because we are simply hungry, but with a group of friends, it is often more human or socially oriented. The same question change into, why do I want to attend JCI? Here I got a very satisfying answer.

This is where I picked up on the highlight of JCI for me when I was learning about created the Society Values session. It's not just the four areas that are advertised, it's that JCI offers an environment where mistakes are tolerated, and advice is given. For today's young people, we have the ability to think outside the box, but what we lack most is a place to practice. This course reminded me of that.

I believe the other 20 participants from different European countries also learned something specifically to them. What do we need to have if we want to become fairy tale writers? I believe most people would say a child's heart and the ability to write. People often overlook the importance of capital investment and the link ability of this story to reality as well. If it is simply pie in the sky, it will appeal to children but will not sustain long term value and social relevance. This is another key point I learned.

It is important to meet the needs of new members, but it is also important that the ideas and aspirations of old members are heard. This is the key to sustainability, which is taking all factors into account. Finally, the power of action speaks for itself! Implementing the plan is what starts it!

Hope all the young citizens who looking forward to good networking join us and get the opportunity to grow together!