Life time opportunity

16 Jun 2021 President Ireland By President Ireland

As a first-year new member in JCI, participating in the 2021 European Conference was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Covid happening, the 2021 European Conference was held online, and my knowledge has been updated as a result of this online trip. On the opening day of the Conference, June 10, the audience's zoom limitation did not dampen JCI members' enthusiasm. I am quite thrilled about the entire process, especially when the JCI World President 2021, Ryubun Kojima, presented the opening ceremony address to everyone.

During the Conference, there were some memorable projects. On the first day, there was the JCI RISE and Shine initiative. As the Conference's first project, it was a great 'shock' to me; I still recall some of the details and information to this day. E-commerce, for example, is a well-known term. It may have been the most common term during the epidemic, but only a few individuals are aware of its significance. We are separated into small groups in this portion to debate the topic, challenge, and suggestions. The highlight was when the speaker allowed us to go into detail about the strategy, budget, and possible sponsors. It was an incredible experience since I couldn't believe it could impact so many jobs.

Another noteworthy occurrence happened during debate competitions and public speaking competitions. I was quite proud when I saw Ireland's members make their speeches; they all seemed confident and great. At the same time, I picked up a lot of fresh ideas from their points.

For the first time, I am aware of so many outstanding individuals from many professions and nations. Chat and laugh together, discuss tests together, and study together. Finally, I'd want to mention that this was an incredible experience for me!