Message from 2022 JCI Ireland National President Aine Mc Manamon

03 Feb 2022 President Ireland By President Ireland

Great Leaders don't set out to be a leader...

They set out to make a difference.

It's never about the role -

always about the goal.


Greetings JCI Ireland Members.


I wanted to reach out to extend my gratitude for the support I have received since elected as the 2022 JCI Ireland National President. It is my pleasure to lead this wonderful organization for the year ahead.


‘Leading Is Our Duty’ is our global theme for 2022 and in JCI Ireland we will also strive to ‘Inspire Growth’.


It might sound a bit cliché, but JCI has helped me develop as an individual, acquire many business skills, given me the opportunity to make a positive impact in our community, as well as presenting so many international possibilities. I want to see others gain as much as they can from our leadership development organization and grow in themselves.


The aim is to #InspireGrowth - continue to provide development opportunities, develop enterprising leaders and work together on a better future for JCI Ireland, our local organizations and our members. We now have numerous resources to become a Global Entrepreneur, Networker, Changemaker and Communicator.


Let us continue to motivate each other to transform and become global leaders for the future, focusing on the four areas of opportunity, while creating ideas that excite us, resulting in confident, young entrepreneurs.


We aim to invest in leadership and skills development programs for our current members while remembering it is also our responsibility to develop new strategies to drive membership growth. By helping to grow local organizations in JCI Ireland, we will be able to have more resources to run impactful events and in turn developing leaders around the country. This will achieve our aim to #InspireGrowth


After two years of trials and challenges, we can now be optimistic that this year will see the return of physical and hybrid events and with that many new opportunities. I encourage each member to get involved in the planning of events and projects, support each other to become better and lead by example.


If we believe in each other, have honest and open communication, work together with like-minded partners and put our heads down to bring solutions, then I believe the best is yet to come.


I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to visiting all the local organizations this year, getting to know each member and continuing the amazing work of past presidents that have gone before me, so that JCI Ireland can continue to grow, inspire and develop leaders for the future.


After all, 'Leading Is Our Duty'.

2022 JCI Ireland National President
Aine Mc Manamon