My Experience at the 2019 JCI European Conference

16 May 2019 Admin Manager By Admin Manager

My Experience at the 2019 JCI European Conference in Lyon, France. By Jason Sherlock.

As evident from the photos below it was my first time at a JCI European Conference, and it was AMAZING! I hope it’s not my last. I’m proud to be a member of a leading network of active young citizens all around the world. The JCI European Conference was an amazing experience where I learned so many new positive things and made so many friends from all around the world. It expanded my international outlook and opened my mind to new prosperous ideas that simply would not be possible without the help of JCI.



JCI Develops your mind, body and soul. It helps and guides you to the person who where meant to be. You can unlock your true potential at JCI, that’s what I learned from my Experience at the 2019 JCI European Conference.

JCI knows how to learn but it also knows how to have fun while doing it. During the Conference, I attended many workshops aimed at developing the

person, i.e. You. Such workshops included ‘Effective Communication: Crafting your message’, ‘The Journey – How to become an active citizen’,’ Hack 4 Global Goals: Campaigning/Advocacy Design thinking workshop.

These workshops inspired me to become a better citizen and how to effectively articulate my message, so it comes across in smooth and effective way that builds up mutual respect

I also attended a Trade show and The JCI European Public Speaking Championship. This opened my eyes to so many Amazing Speakers and I also learned about The UN’s

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Which JCI are apart of.

At the trade show, I tasted many different types of French wine and bread which was complementary to your ticket. At the opening party, I tasted so many different types of food that were new to me, some I still don’t know the name of! and they were all tasty. The Lunches and Dinners at the Conference was superb, and I really enjoyed the German/Austrian/Swiss night and the Irish/ Estonian night where I made many new friends.


Last but not least, I learned about Jacotte Brazier: A committed Chief. She is a really inspirational and inspiring woman and I feel privileged and lucky to have met her. I learned about the art of living, the French way!

While in the University of Lyon where a part of the conference was on, I came across sustainable cycling machines that charges your phone! This is a brilliant innovative idea and I hope to bring this to my university. I also read some interesting philosophy in the library of the university.

I also had lots of fun and I also had time to explore the City of Lyon and enjoy the night life.

It was also an honour to go on stage and accept the award on behalf of JCI Galway for the Best Local Growth & Development Program at the 2019 JCI European Conference, I’m also looking forward to attending the Word Congress in Estonia later this year and the next JCI European Conference which is being held in Dublin in 2020.

I would like to finish by saying a special thanks to all the senators in the JCI Ireland Senate for sponsoring my Ticket. I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity if it wasn’t for them creating this type of grant. I’m forever grateful.