My First Training at JCI World Congress

14 Dec 2021 President Ireland By President Ireland

???Today is a big day , I held my first D&I training “Collaboration Across Networks and Leading by Influence
 ???? “ during JCI world congress 2021 with Jennifer Polzin and Diane Mulders-Nguyen (she / her) from JCI Europe Diversity & Inclusion Committee Hosted by JCI South Africa
Valuable information shared to help leading with influence with a nice balance of theory and case studies .
????From building a safe space, jumped in the Allyship concept and we finalised with how to  maintain an inclusive leadership.
I enjoyed seeing all the attendees participating and charging their experience and valuable information during the training which brought more value to this training.

Collaboration across Networks : Overcome equality and create equity

Leading by Influence : Become and ally and get involved
Constant training and self-reflection is needed for maintenance
JCI 2021 world congress Johannesburg South Africa 2021 was an interesting experience. 
Meeting members, boards members, and presidents from different chapters and different countries in a virtual space due to the current condition.

The week was full of surprises, networking and a lot of learning opportunities. 
One week with full interactive meetings during which I had the opportunity to forge my skills from Creative Young Entrepreneur Program, Initiative and Entrepreneurialism, Networking for Success, The Value of e-Commerce], Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Communication, and Interpersonal Skills and much more. 
Amazing session with Dr. Ivan Misner during the Networking for Success training.
During which I have learned that diversity is important in Networking.  
We also had training about Creative thinking and critical thinking, self-control, self-Awareness and empathy, etc. 
 Yes, I was a bit disappointed to not be able to travel to South Africa because it would have been an opportunity to experience this congress in real life and create new friendships and learn about new cultures. 

 ????My biggest takeaways
1- Relationships created during the congress 
2- Learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable
3- Growth opportunity 
 Personal development  and learning opportunities 
4-is all about the community :
Thanks to the promotion made by our JCI International affairs Director Eileen O'Donovan we were a big delegation.
And actually quick update I apply for the role of  JCI Ireland  International affairs director 2022 ....
5- E-commerce and its importance in the
Business growth 
6- public speaking and debating competition 
Super high level team, i still have a lot to learn from them ????
 It was hard sometimes because some sessions were hosted at the same time ☹ if only I could learn how to duplicate myself.

????So many new updates for 2022 , I really can’t wait to share all the marvelous news about all my new roles …I was elected JCI Ireland International affairs director 2022 and JCI Cork Director of Finance 2022.

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