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JCI Ireland Business Success Series

Does your business or career need a Summer boost?  

The Covid19 Pandemic forced many businesses to completely close or pivot in a new direction & JCI Ireland wants to provide them with the tools they need to boost their business in this ‘new normal’. 

Now is the time to reassess your career, increase your motivation and prepare for your next challenge in business. Why not set yourself up for success in business, as an employee or business owner, by availing of a series of eight stimulating seminars aimed at enhancing your potential. Topics will range from LinkedIn to goal setting and sales as well as podcasting for business, marketing and networking. 

Run as an online collaboration between JCI Ireland branches, this fully online series will be hosted for an hour on Monday and Wednesday evenings throughout the month of July at 7pm. A superb line of top speakers and panelists across the business industry will be bringing their expertise and experience to you during these focused business sessions. 

See more information on each event by using the sidebar. 

Developing and Going For Your Career Vision - Goal-Setting Workshop

Wednesday 1st July

Workshop delivered by Dana Fülles of Dana Fülles Coaching (hosted by JCI Southside) 

If you are looking to enhance your career, then you are most likely aware of the importance of setting goals. But do you struggle to set these goals? Or do you set goals you never achieve? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the first event of this series will offer you the tools you need to get started. 

Dana Fuelles, Founder of Dana Fülles Coaching will cover strategies to help you develop your career vision and then from this she will show you how to plan your goals accordingly to give you the best chance of achieving them going forward.

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Learn How To Build The Perfect Profile On LinkedIn, Generate Prospects and Visibility

Monday 6th July

Workshop delivered by Miles Duncan of LinkedIn Success Systems (hosted by JCI Mayo) 

Building an online presence is essential in today’s business world. If you want to connect with people in your profession, it has never been easier. LinkedIn has become the go to place to reach out and connect with people from different industries all over the world and it has never been as easy for the right people to find you online. 

You are missing out on so many opportunities to collaborate, engage and do business with them. LinkedIn will not only help you expand your business network but it will create awareness and visibility to you and your brand. It is a great platform to share content to showcase that you are an expert in your field. 

Miles Duncan trains teams and individuals on how to use LinkedIn to build their personal brand, generate a pipeline of prospects and be recognised as the go to resource in their sector, as well as keeping regular contact with existing clients.

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Panel Discussion - It's Beyond Time to Rethink Your Marketing

Wednesday 8th July

Panel Discussion with Muriel Foley Founder and Managing Director at MGF; Karina Collins, Marketing Manager at Clonakility Distillery; Stephen Ryan, Founder Narration & 24 stories. (hosted by JCI Cork) 

Melanie Morrissey, JCI Cork President, will moderate this panel discussion where she will be joined by Muriel Foley (Founder and Managing Director at MGFD), Stephen Ryan (Founder Narration & 24 stories) and Karina Collins (Marketing Manager at Clonakility Distillery).

This panel of experts will discuss everything around marketing, giving examples of success as well as lessons learned from their varied experience. It’s important to look at how marketing has changed in such a short space of time and how now is the time to rethink your strategy going forward. By the end of this interactive event you will want to refresh your marketing and bring your next campaign to a whole other level.

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Promoting Your Business Through Podcasting

Monday 13th July

With Gary Kelly of GK Media (hosted by JCI Galway) 

Podcasting is a powerful yet simple tool for branding your business, engaging your consumers, targeting new consumers, generating more traffic, and increasing your revenue.

Business is one of the most popular podcast categories and now is the time to focus on building your online presence and growing your reach, by sharing your knowledge, bolstering your credentials and positioning yourself as authority in your chosen field.

Over the course of this webinar, Garry Kelly (GK Media/Galway Bay FM), will highlight the key benefits of podcasting for Irish businesses and give you practical tips and advice to help you ignite your broadcasting career.

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How To Start Your Own Project And Deliver Quality Content

Wednesday 15th July

With Verena Zimmermann, Corporate Sales Development Manager at Workday (hosted by JCI Dublin) 

Six Sigma is a business methodology that aims to improve processes, reduce waste and errors, and increase customer satisfaction throughout an organization.

Driven by data and statistical analysis, Six Sigma provides a way to minimize mistakes and maximize value in any business process, from manufacturing to management.

Verena Zimmerman is an energetic leader with 5 years’ experience managing teams in dynamic client-facing environments. She has a great ability to inspire teams to exceed their objectives and has a proven track record of being a top performer at both an individual contributor and Team Manager level.

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Re-Adjust, Reset, Re-emerge with Your Finances

Monday 20th July

With Eoin Wilson, Certified Financial Planner (hosted by JCI Dublin) 

We all need to know how to manage our money more effectively, especially during times of crisis. What can we learn from this pandemic, to make sure that we’re not financially stressed in the future. Discover how the right habits and planning will lead to a happier life. We know that cash flow management is critical, but so is the right behaviour. Eoin will show us what it takes to be financially free.

Eoin is a big believer in providing absolute clarity and transparency when it comes to all money matters. He works in partnership to help clients build wealth in a steady sustainable manner.

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How To Create A Strategy & Optimize Your Website To Boost Sales

Wednesday 22nd July

With Anne Conlon of All About Sales and Lucy Reilly of Lucy Designs (hosted by JCI Mayo) 

For the second last event of this series, we will look at the all important sales. Anne Conlon of All About Sales, will discuss Growth Strategies for your Business while Lucy O’Reilly from Lucy Designs will show us best practices for website optimization.

Without a sale you don’t have a business! Anne’s presentation will look at the shift from customer service to customer experience, the need to create urgency for your customers to buy and show 2 steps of a sale most people fail to do that loses them the sale.

Optimizing your website to generate sales is something every business should be on top of. But unfortunately, it's not as simple as throwing a "Click Here" button on your home page and watching the sales pour in. Instead, businesses need to take a more strategic approach. Lucy’s session will look at components that are at play when a casual website visitor turns

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Go The Social Distance With JCI - Networking Event

Monday 27th July

With Andrew Whitaker, Founder & CEO at Culture Co-Working (hosted by JCI Cork) 

The last event of this series will present a great way of engaging in safe networking in the current climate. Get to know fellow attendees with a 30 second elevator pitch and later in the session grow relationships with other business owners in breakout rooms.

During this session, Andrew Whitaker will share information about Culture Co-working and the benefits co-working spaces can offer those working from home. Remote Working and co-working spaces are not new, but many young professionals were forced to work from home since Covid-19 and co-working spaces offer the perfect solution to increase productivity for remote workers going forward.

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The Business Success Series program helps your business or career with outstanding speakers that will share their expertise & experience online.

Carol Ho
JCI Ireland President