24th February

FeelGood Vibes #1 Qi Gong Training with Master John Collins

by Master John Collins


JCI Ireland is hosting a new project "FeelGood Vibes" in 2021 as part of the global JCI RISE initiative. During the pandemic lockdown, a lot of fitness training providers are forced to stop the physical training and switch to the online class. JCI Ireland would like to support businesses in the fitness industry by hosting introductory teaser classes for JCI members and the public and promoting the importance of physical activities towards mental health.

If you are looking for something fun to do after work, or trying to pick a new workout exercise trainer, or looking for options of how to feel good and feel better during the pandemic, you are invited to join the "FeelGood vibes" series!

For the first session of the "FeelGood Vibes" series, we are so honored to invite MasterJohn Collins 4th Duan Wei – Head Instructor Ireland Tai Chi Association to be our trainer of Qi Gong Training!

A journey to China in 2004,  ignited a passion for tai chi and qigong. Having trained in other martial arts for over 10 years, tai chi was that missing piece of the puzzle John was searching for.

His passion and dedication to training gained him one of the highest honors in Chen Tai Chi to be accepted as a direct student of the current family representative Grand Master Chen Zhenglei – the only Irish person to have received this honor and is also a senior indoor student of Grandmaster Liming Yue. He represents Ireland for the promotion of Chinese Health Qi Gong and is a qualified Health & Wellness Coach. John travels to China regularly to improve his knowledge of Tai Chi and QiGong.

Qigong is one of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine that promote mental health, stress reduction, and positive mood. The other four branches are acupuncture, diet, herbs, and massage. All five activities aim to restore a person’s harmony with nature.

Qigong is a combination of Qi (pronounced CHEE), meaning “vital energy,” and gong, meaning “skill.” Combined, the word translates to “the skill of cultivating your vital energy.” Qigong involves coordinated breathing, body movements, and meditation exercises. The purpose of Qigong is not to strengthen your core muscles or become more flexible – though that’s a nice side benefit – but rather to strengthen the mind and increase one’s energy reserves.

Date: Feb 24th, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Venue: Zoom (the zoom link will be sent by email 2 days before the event)

Free Event

Supporting organization: Ireland Tai Chi Association & Irish Health Qi Gong Association

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Date & Time

Wednesday, 24 February 2021
18:30 - 19:30 GMT


Zoom, Zoom, Ireland

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