03rd November to 07th November

JCI World Congress 2020

by JCI Japan

2020 JCI World Congress will be held in Yokohama

The JCI World Congress is the most important meeting on JCI’s annual calendar, hosted in different cities each year from October to November. Our members around the world are young professionals under the age of 40, and we are the generation that will be assuming a leading role in the future in our respective countries and regions, in the coming decades. World Congress is where respective participants gather under one roof to transform their outlooks and achieve evolutionary growth by participating in seminars and so on, which leads to the better of the future of our world. It is also where we expand our circle of friendship.

The symbol of the 2020 JCI World Congress in Yokohama is a seagull with four wings. The front wings symbolize the power of ideas and the rear wings represent the power of execution.
Innovation is represented by “idea and execution.”
The color “Yokohama Blue” represents the sea, the sky, youth and the Junior Chambers. Further, the heart represents energy, and the “wave crest pattern” of the wings represents harmony. All these are the symbol for generating innovation and leading the world in a better direction, based on a new perspective.

Welcome to Yokohama, the International Port City filled with attractive things.

With the opening of the port in 1859, various people, goods and culture flowed into Yokohama and Yokohama served as a gateway through which the people and culture of Japan, gathered from throughout the country were able to share their unique aspects with the rest of the world. It was in this way that Yokohama became a hub for cultural cross fertilization between Japan and the rest of the world.

Yokohama has developed a refined culture and has become recognized as the cradle of abundant creativity. Based on this rich history, and with appreciation for the world, we hope to serve as a starting point for disseminating Innovation to the rest of the world from Yokohama.

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Date & Time

Tuesday - 03 November 2020, to Saturday - 07 November 2020
08:00 - 16:00 GMT


Industrial Trade Center Building.3F 2 Yamashita-cho Naka-ku , Yokohama, Japan

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