02nd December

Leaders From Mars

by Steven Dossou

JCI Ireland is delighted to host the training - The Leader From Mars by Steven Dossou!

Growing in a two bedroom house with nine siblings in Togo-West Africa, steven's surrounding and role models framed his average aspirations even though deep within, there was a whisper of how much greater he could accomplish. Little did he know that trapped in him was an influential leader. The journey to discovering that leadership spirit and unleashing it is similar to the phenomena of Planet Mars.

The top scientists of Nasa had discovered that before being hit by the solar cataclysm, the planet Mars had an abundant presence of the four elements on it.

Despite all of its colorful beauty being stripped from it, the planet Mars held on to the life deep within, only to be rediscovered by Mankind thousands of years of later.

Being a leader from Mars is rediscovering, unleashing and holding on to your core identity, values and uniqueness as a leader despite all the challenges and obstacles the leader may come across on his way to the top.

In this training, Steven will reveal :

1- His journey to rediscovering the self-leadership from Mars

2- Leadership from a holistic perspective

3- How the holistic leadership concept impacts the organizational approach to Leadership

4- The roadmap to becoming a Leader from Mars

5- How the leader from mars shapes the future

About Steven Dossou:

Featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, Steven is an Inspirational TEDx Speaker, Author, co-founder of Leadership University, Owner of Sail Force Catalyst and the creator of "IGNITE THE TRANSFORMATION SUMMIT", 

Steven has impacted thousands of lives on a global scale, Nicknamed "Action Man", he is viewed by his peers as a charismatic visionary who undoubtedly believes in unleashing the human potential by inspiring people to break their boundaries and redefine their limits. As a living testimony, Steven has followed his dreams and recreated a new path by elevating himself from humble beginnings in his country of origin (Togo-West Africa) to leadership and impactful roles on a global platform.

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Date & Time

Thursday, 02 December 2021
19:30 - 20:30 GMT


Online Event

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