About JCI Dublin

What does JCI Dublin give you?

1. A network of business contacts: We all come from different areas including finance, marketing, business development and startups businesses. We are here to help each other to succeed.

2. A chance to travel to international events: Junior Chamber International (JCI) is the biggest youth leadership development organization in the world and as a global network it unites 200,000 young people spread in 5,000 communities, 100 countries. Get in touch to learn about upcoming international conferences.

3. An opportunity to get involved in community projects: At JCI we meet on a regular basis for fun and friendship and we voluntarily run inspiring events and initiatives. See our events section what is coming next.

4. Trainings and workshops for your personal development: Public speaking, events management, project management, networking. At JCI we believe in learning by doing. We invest in our members personal development through training and workshops once a month or more.

What do you do next? – Check out your nearest branch or drop us a mail for more info. – See what we’re up to now: https://www.facebook.com/jcidublin

JCI Dublin Membership Plans

JCI Dublin Membership

€90.00 Per Year

JCI Dublin Membership

Benefits at JCI Dublin

    • 12 Months Membership
    • 150,000+ Members
    • 10 Million Past Members
    • Expand Your Network
    • Develop And Grow Your Skills
    • Get New Business Insights
    • Travel To International Conferences
    • Meet Inspiring New People
    • Trainer And Speaker Opportunities
    • Achieve Your Personal And Professional Goals
    • Membership Is Valid For 12 Months
    • Access To All Events
    • International Conferences
    • Leadership Training
    • Personal Development
    • Community Involvement
    • Public Speaking Training
    • Debating Training
    • Global Connections
    • Local Projects
    • Business Networking
    • Access To Grants & Supports

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