About JCI Cobh

There are four pillars or areas of opportunity within the organisation: IndividualBusiness, Community and International. By getting involved you gain practical hands-on experience, help plan events, be part of a project team and/or take on a position within the local and national council.

JCI members share a passion to challenge and develop themselves. They understand that developing their skills helps improve the world around them.

JCI is a great way to meet new people and create a local, national and international network.

JCI Cobh Membership Plans

JCI Cobh Membership

€90.00 Per Year

JCI Cobh Membership

Benefits at JCI Cobh

    • 12 Months Membership
    • 150,000+ Members
    • 10 Million Past Members
    • Expand Your Network
    • Develop And Grow Your Skills
    • Get New Business Insights
    • Travel To International Conferences
    • Meet Inspiring New People
    • Trainer And Speaker Opportunities
    • Achieve Your Personal And Professional Goals
    • Membership Is Valid For 12 Months
    • Access To All Events
    • International Conferences
    • Leadership Training
    • Personal Development
    • Community Involvement
    • Public Speaking Training
    • Debating Training
    • Global Connections
    • Local Projects
    • Business Networking
    • Access To Grants & Supports

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